Michigan State University

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Out-of-order Volumes

The journal volume that is found to be bound out of order will be taken to Binding Prep, or staff in Binding Prep will find the volume upon its return from the binder.

Binding Prep will create a statement to be place on the inside cover of the volume, stating the specifics concerning which issue is out of order and where it may be found in the piece.

Binding Prep will bring the volume to Labeling in Catalog Maintenance, with a note asking that the label stating "issues are out of order" be placed on the piece.

The following label will be placed on the volume:


This label will be placed in the middle and centered on the front cover of the volume.

The label will be created on the regular Se-Lin labeling system used by the Libraries. It will be affixed as all labels are from this system. The labels may be generated ahead of time, or they may be created as needed.

After the label is affixed to the front cover, the volume will be placed on the Binding Prep book shelf, in the Libraries mailroom.