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ROVI Processing

  1. Sort ROVI materials between singles and multiple pieces.
    1. ILS will organize MELCAT and patron items in bins by date. Keeping them in order by date and keep MELCAT and patron requests separate.
  2. Supplies needed.
    1. Pen, hub labels, date due slips, tape and scissors. There is one hub label guide if needed.
    2. Ownership stickers and stamp. “LIBRARIES, MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, EAST LANSING, MI 48824-1048”.
    3. Yellow “Do Not Put In Book Drop” sticker.
      1. Box sets, place yellow sticker inside the box next to the barcode. Also place yellow sticker on the other pieces inside the box.
    4. Stamp, “Must be Kept with piece”
  3. Log into Sierra Catalog mode.
  4. Scan the barcode number to get to the record. For most pieces CD’s start with a “C” and DVD’s begin with a “D.”  Example: D0124502,
    1. Any conflict or error in the bib or item record should be given to a supervisor.
    2. Verify title. 
    3. Bib location will be rv.
    4. Verify the bib record 300 field, which should match the holdings 866 field. 
      1. Students give staff pieces when the 300 field has words like "Viewing copy" or "1 (DVD)"
        1. Example:  300  (Viewing copy) 1 videodisc of 1 (DVD) :|bsd., col. ;|c4 3/4 in.
      2. Staff will remove "(Viewing copy)" and "1 (DVD)".  Update example:  300 1 videodisc :|bsd., col. ;|c4 3/4 in.
      3. Watch for conflict between the number of pieces in the 300 vs the 099 call number. These records contain one piece not two pieces.
        • Example:  300 1 audio disc ... and 099 4H6 C0191251 Music CD & CD-ROM ;
        • Should be: 300 1 audio disc... and 099 4H6 C0191251 Music CD-ROM
    5. Holdings for multiple locations and discs.
      1. Multiples locations: [Note: the indicators for the 866 field should be blank (signified by # in example below) and  0]
        • 866 #0 G.M. Kline Digital/Media:  disc 1-disc 2.
        • 866 #0 ROVI: disc 1-disc 2  (Add this 866 if it is not already on in the record.).
      2. Single ROVI locations with multiple discs: verify that the number of discs is in the 866.
      3. Multiple pieces: 
        • 866 #0 disc 1 VideoDVD-disc 2 Music CD
        • 866 #0 disc 1-2 Blu-ray VideoDVD-disc 3-4 VideoDVD
        • 866 #0 disc 1 VideoDVD-disc 2 AudioCD   (audio is a spoken or voice recording)
        • Booklets/Leaflets:  When processing floating booklets held in quad cases, the only referenced to the booklet is in the "m" supervisor note. Do not add Booklet to the 866/868, or refer to the booklet in an item volume field.
  5. Item record
    1. Location will already be set at, rvcdr, rvdvd, or rvgam.
    2. Copy 1 is the default, so most will be a copy 1. As long as the call number is different from the copy already on the record, add copies will always be a copy 1.  It will be a c.2 only when there is more than one Rovi copy of the same call number.
    3. Item field ICode2 should not be suppressed,
    4. Insert “f” Staff note, “Rovi Coll. – processed”  (Use the F12 macro on Sierra found on the student computers)
    5. Verify vol. field for correct volume numbering. 
      1. Volume field for multiple discs with one format, e.g., discs 1-2
      2. Volume field for multiple discs and formats, .e.g., disc 1 Blu-ray Video-disc 2 VideoDVD  or  disc 1 Music CD-disc 2 VideoDVD
    6. Format designation at end of call number.  For multiple format, use the format order from the 300 or 5XX fields.
    7. Duplicate the Rovi barcode.
      1. Barcode duplicator has to be in the MSU2 mode.
        1. Barcodes for separate multiple pieces with the same call number add dash -001, -002, -003 ... one for each DVD sleeve or CD case.
      2. Multiple pieces inside one box with or without a booklet. (see example, .b113978303)
        1. Duplicate the barcode on each piece (including the box, where the barcode is placed on the inside top center of box, not on outside cover), but do not add 001, 002, etc. on individual cases.  Treat pieces as one item with the same barcode.
        2. Insert an "m" Supervisor note indicating added pieces inside box, similar to the following example:  "This item contains 2 audio discs + 1 booket in box . If number of discs is not correct, stop and ask Supervisor before checkin or checkout."
    8. Place barcodes on the cases:
      1. DVD sleeve (hole punches on the DVD sleeves should be to the right): Place the barcode centered on the bottom of the DVD sleeve.
      2. CD case: Place the barcode centered at the top of the CD jewel case (hard case).
  6. Create a call number label
    1. Ctrl “L” to bring up the label template. [Also, create call number labels for booklets inside box sets, and no label for boxes that sets are held in]
    2. Copy the Call #  (ctrl X to cut and paste).
    3. Hit F11 to insert “ROVI” macro.
    4. Click down two spaces (using mouse to click down two lines).
    5. Paste call number into label Sierra call number template.
      1. More than one disc: type “disc 1-2.”  Repeat “disc 1-2” on all envelopes and jewel cases.  The item records already have the vol. fields, but there are some exceptions that have individual items for each disc. Do not change them.
      2. Margins within the Sierra label box include one line outside the yellow box. 
      3. Two disc’s one Blue-ray and one regular, type disc 1 Blue-Ray Video, disc 2 VideoDVD. 
        1. The format (Blu-ray, Video, Music CD, and Audio) at the end of the call number is listed in the order found in the 300 and 5xx fields within the bibliographic record.  ex.: CY1 D0150544 disc 1, Blu-ray Video, disc 2, VideoDVD   (b113114588).
      4. Type call number as follows:
        1. disc 1                                     ii.  disc 1-2
          Blu-ray                                       Blu-ray                                                                           
          Video-                                        Video-
          disc 2                                            disc 3-4
          VideoDVD                                  VideoDVD
      5. See below for processing Digital copies.
    6. Click FINISH.
    7. Print label.
  7. Processing HUB label
    1. Write the barcode characters on the hub label.
    2. Place the hub label onto the DVD/CD. Use the hub guide tool if needed.
    3. Cut labels and affix the call number label on the top left corner of the outside of both the soft DVD sleeve and the CD hard jewel case.
    4. DVD Title Identification sheets,
      1. On the title Identification sheet paste or stamp an ownership stamp or sticker on the bottom right corner.
      2. Place the “MUST BE KEPT WITH PIECE” sticker above and to the right of the ownership stamp. Adjust to not stamp over information on the sheet.
      3. DVD cases.
        • Also paste an ownership sticker centered on the bottom right side (opened DVD cover).
        • The Date Due slip is taped on the left side of the opened DVD case.
        • Place the title identification sheet inside the soft sleeve, and then slide both between the DVD clear plastic cover and the case. 
    5. Process CD Jewel Cases
      • Paste the ownership stamp/sticker on both the back of the loose booklet held in the inside front cover of the jewel case, and the second sticker is placed centered on the bottom of the back of the jewel case. Attempt to NOT cover any information on the booklet or the back of the jewel case.
        • Boxed sets - place the ownership sticker on the inside of the box below the duplicate barcode. Do not place barcode on the outside cover.
      • Do not stamp the CD booklet with the “MUST BE KEPT WITH PIECE” stamp.
      • Date due is also placed on the booklet held in the left inside cover, same side as the ownership sticker.

Materials that require special handling:

Digital copies require an access code to view the disc.  Some materials only have digital copies that can only be downloaded one time.

  1. Photocopy the title Identification sheet. 
  2. Type a call number label:  "Rovi", double space then type the call number. Type “Digital Copy” on the last line of the call number.
    1. Example:



  3. Place the call number label in the top left corner onto the empty black DVD case.
  4. Place the Digital copy inside the black DVD case.
  5. Update bib record 300 field if needed.   
    1. In the 300 descriptive field remove the |e digital copy. 
    2. If there isn't a |e supplement field, look in the beginning |a field for a total number of discs and remove any reference to the digital copy.
    3. See below for digital copies on a dual disc (DVD & Digital copy) on one disc.
  6. Remove reference to the digital copy in the 500 fields; remove digital copy from Disc 3. e.g., 500 "Disc 1: Feature commentary with ...; Disc 2: Alternate opening ...; Disc 3: Digital copy.
  7. Check the Identification title sheet for references to the digital copy and black out references to it.
  8. Insert “f” Staff Note in the item record. 
    1. Insert note, e.g.,  "Digital copy sent to DMC. [Date. Initials]"
  9. On the Hub label write “Digital copy” under the call number.
  10. Deliver or mail to DMC through interoffice mail. Address an envelope to John Shaw/DMC. Place the envelope with the CD’s/DVD’s in the envelope a on their Return Cataloging shelf inside the cabinet where they pick up their cataloging.

DUAL DVD or CD/digital Copy on one disc.

  1. Digital copy on one disc with another format such as DVD, BlueRay, or CD.
  2. These dual formats (ex. DVD/Digital or CD/Digital copy) are processed as circulating copies.
  3. Call number has no reference to the digital copy.
  4. Remove references to the digital copy from the bib record isbn #s and anywhere else in the bib.
  5. Adjust the 300 Descriptive field.
    1. Remove digital copy from the 300 field including the "+ |edigital copy.
    2. Adjust the total number in the descriptive field
  6. Insert a 500 note when there are two discs: Disc one: Blu-ray -- disc two: DVD + digital copy.
    1. Ex. of a single format:  Disc contains DVD and digital copy of the feature.
    2. Ex. Disc 1 contains the Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray 2D version of the feature; Disc 2 contains the DVD and digital copy of the feature.
    3. Remove or replace the 500 note like this one that mentions the digital copy: "Includes digital copy. To access digital version, put disc in computer drive and click on disc icon."
  7. Library has field: Single records will not have an 866, but insert and 866 for multi formats DVD and CD records. e.g., 866  disc 1-disc 2.
  8. Check the Identification title sheet for references to the digital copy and black out references to it.

Rovi Advertisements Found with Discs.

  1. When additional print materials are included in Rovi packaging, first determine if the material is connected or related to the disks in some way (supplemental), or is it advertising for other products available from the same publisher.  If the material is advertisement:  
    1. Print out a copy of the bibliographic record.
    2. Remove the advertisement from the packaging.
      • Do not write on the advertisement or use tape/paper clips.
    3. Place the bib record printout and the advertisement in a file folder.  (If it is a recycled folder, make sure the unused side is visible).
    4. Place the packet in the box waiting for Special Collections.
    5. When the Special Collections box is full, call Peter Berg to retrieve and start a new box.
    6. Do not record any information about the ephemeral material in the bib or item record.

Dual CD/DVD discs.

  1. Dual discs have both a CD audio side and a DVD side all on a single two-sided disc.  If it's a Dual disc it is a given that there is both a CD and DVD on the disc, so the call number label only needs DualDisc not Music DualDisc or DualDisc/Music DC/VideoDVD.  Except if the content on both sides are the same format these are considered 1 disc not DualDisc, but there should be a 5xx field explaining that the disc has content on both sides.  DualDisc Example:  ROVI  819 C0415970 DualDisc. 
  2. Update the 300 field:
    1. From: 2 audio discs (38 min., 55 sec.) :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in.
    2. TO:    1 audio disc (dual CD/DVD) :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in.
  3. Holdings:
    1. If the record only has the dual disc on it, remove the "h" 866 altogether.
    2. If the record has more than one disc (multi vol.), adjust the "h" holdings (866) to reflect the dual disc as only one disc.
  4. Leave item location code as is.  If the record is for an audio disc the location code will be rvcdr verses DVD rvdvd.
  5. Remove the "m" supplement note from the item record.

Damaged CD/DVD discs.

  1. Check to see if the disc(s) operate despite the damage (crack/chip/hole).
  2. If the disc works, insert a version of this "t" REPAIRNOTE, e.g., "Damage noted - crack in hub of disc 2-tested OK. [initials/CatMan date]
  3. Disc's that do not run are given to John Shaw.

Extra pieces Found When Processing CD's or DVD's.

  1. These will be kept in Kay Granskogs office.
    1. Separate piece from the other ROVI pieces and put it in it's own case.
    2. Open the matching item record in Sierra.
    3. In the item record, add a note stating that there is an extra piece the "Original packaging ..." staff note.  e.g.,Original packaging + duplicate disc 2 stored in banker box: B2528."  (.b111095153).
      1. Specify which number if it's a multiple volume record.
    4. Make a copy of the bib and item record. 
      1. highlight the Original packaging note.
      2. Fold the printout and attach it to the sleeve/case.
      3. Deliver them to Kay Granskog's office.

Reproductions CD-R's were pulled out of the collection on Oct. 30th, 2015.

  1. If more are found give them to a staff person.
  2. Staff person will do the following:
    1. Change ICode2 to "b" for Temporary suppression.
    2. Insert this"f" staff note in the item record, e.g., "SUPPRESSED – DO NOT CIRCULATE – CD-R reference copy from ROVI  date & initial."
    3. If not sharing the record with another location, insert an "n" in the bib record suppression field.
    4. Give these to Kay.

ROVI Games (Held in DMC Library)

  1. Bib location "rv"
  2. Bib status "v"
  3. Item location "rvgam"
  4. Item IType "4"
  5. Item status "-" Available.


Rovi Bib and Item Record Codes

Location Bib Supr. Item Supr.  ITYPE Code Meaning


n s 0 Porn
ROVI n b 0 Temporary code for Multi-disk
ROVI - - 0 In MelCat
ROVI v v 0 Potentially objectionable content
ROVI v - 0 Interim local but OK for MelCat in time
ROVI - b 0 One in DMC but Rovi has multiple disks
RVGAM v - 4