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Missing Main Procedure
(Main, Remote Storage and Branch Libraries)

Anne Erickson searches Main Stacks missing twice within a year not counting the initial search that discovered the material missing. The Sierra records are withdrawn at the end of a one-year searching cycle totaling three searches.

Missing item record codes

  1. Status “l”
  2. Code the item missing: IMesage “p”
  3. Insert an “e” problem note, “DECLARED MISSING. Return to CATMan ... [date.initials]”
  4. Give the bib and item printout to Anne Erickson.

Remote Storage Missing Items

  1. Give Bib/item printouts to Anne Erickson to keep record of the missing items.
  2. At the end of the year, CatMan will provide Remote staff with a list of missing items to search.
  3. CATMAN will withdraw Sierra records for items not found after the year end searches.

ILL Missing Items

  1. ILL will sent CatMan either e-mails or printouts of their missing Sierra records. In most cases, ILS will insert a lost status “L” as soon as they discover the book is missing. This helps ILL avoid additional requests from other libraries. This also benefits our patrons who are blocked from requesting items from other libraries when our catalog shows (in error) that the piece is available.
  2. Big 10 ILL patron overdue items, ILL will check-in and insert an “f” Staff note “Big 10 missing item.” Items are not suppressed. Anne will highlight that note on the printout and insert the usual "e" missing problem note.  These will be treated in the same mannor as other missing items.

Branch Libraries: Fine Arts, Business, DMC, Gull Lake, Map Library, Microfilm, and Reference

  1. Branches code their own missing items and do their own searching. Every six months CatMan creates a missing list for them to search stacks from. After an item has been missing for a year or more, branch libraries request CatMan to withdraw the record. CatMan withdrawals the records, they do not withdraw Sierra records.

Extended Searches: Patron Services (Steve Frederick’s)

  1. These are missing items generated from patron extended search requests
  2. Patron Services code their missing items with a status “m” for missing. The item is not given a “p” IMessage or an “e” problem note.
  3. After a few searches (usually 2 to 3 month time frame), if still missing, the extended searches are given to Bib Support (Lark) to search one more time before submitting a replacement order.
  4. MSU patron extended searches are processed for replacement soon after the books are declared missing, which means that the replacement copy is often (not alway) ordered before the missing book is found or withdrawn.
  5. Missing Book: After a one-year cycle of Patron Services searching for the missing books, the Sierra record printouts are given to CATMAN to withdraw the records. The Sierra printout is given to Bib Support at the end of the month, who will begin the reordering process
  6. Bib Support searches the extended searches one additional time. If at that time, the book has not already been replaced and is still not found, Bib Support and selectors will make the decision to purchase a second copy or not. It is likely that Bib. Support may have already ordered a replacement at the time of the extended search request.

For the most part, missing materials not found for one year are coded to be withdrawn. When the Sierra records are withdrawn, the printouts are stamped with the withdrawn/date stamp and then give to Lisa English. After Lisa English completes the end of the month deletion of withdrawn records, she will forward the printouts to Lisa Smith for Bib Support to proceed with replacement decisions.