Michigan State University

Replacement Procedures

Replacements come from any location in the MSU Libraries. Digital media such as CD’s or DVD’s may have the case held in the CATMAN Replacement tray.  It is possible that someone could put a book in this tray, but normally the bibliographers hold the book until they receive the replacement.

ILL MelCat Replacements

  1. Lost books are billed before a replacement is received. These items have to be kept.
    • Make sure the L&P item record has a note that the “Item record retained for inv#.”
    • Add a note in the item and order record stating “Copy 1 lost & replaced by patron.  Rec'd replacement. [date & initial]
    • Add a new item for the additional c.2 (or the next copy number) for the replacement copy. 
    • Give to Labeling for label and barcode processing.

Patron Replacements

  1. Lost books from MSU Patrons are not initially billed, they first send the MSU patron the book information to give them the option to purchase a replacement in lieu of payment.  At this point if the book is returned the item record will not have any billing or invoice numbers.
    • When a replacement is received, Patron Services checks in the material that it is replacing, and then sends the replacement to CATMAN to process.
  2. Add a new item for a c.2 replacement
  3. Delete the item for c.1.  Careful, this item will probably show that is it available, so look for a recent check-in date and check for order record notes that a replacement was ordered.
  4. If there is an order record, insert a note (“n”) in the order record stating
    • "Copy 1 lost & replaced by patron. Rec'd replacement [date & initial]” 
    • “Copy 1 damaged by patron. Rec'd replacement. [date & initial]”

DMC and ROVI CD/DVD Missing from Case when Request was pulled from the drawers

  1. The c.1 will not be checked out.
  2. In the item record that is being replaced, insert an “f” Staff note, “MSU missing copy 1 replacement.  Rec'd replacement. [date.initials]”
    1. Items with an invoice # are NOT deleted.
    2. At the end of the “j” ILL NOTE field type “Retain item for inv.#. [date.initial]” This note might already be there.
  3. The original case (if you have it) will be used to house the material.
    1. Relabeled case c.2 (or next available copy #).
  4. Place the CD/DVD inside the case.
    1. DMC material are barcoded before going to Labeling and Processing
    2. ROVI materials are barcoded by Labeling as the materials are processed with hub labels.
  5. On a yellow post-it write call number and copy number.
  6. Give the case to Labeling for processing.
  7. ROVI Ephemeral materials
    1. Write the bib number and call number on a yellow post-it and adhere to the ephemeral material.
    2. Place the ephemeral material inside the grey colored tray in the Labeling area.
    3. Do not record any information about the ephemeral material on the piece or in the bib or item record.
  8. The ROVI CD/DVD cover that came with the replacement material is removed from the original case.
    1. On a post-it note write that “The [CD/DVD] was missing when pulled out of the drawers. The cover is from the replacement case. [also write the bib number (.b) and call number]. [date.initials]”
    2. Place cover in Kay Granskog’s office door mail tray.
  9. Replacement case and CD/DVD Processing  
    1. Write on a post-it note, “Replacement copy” and the call # and new copy #).
    2. Placed the replacement CD/DVD material in the Labeling and Processing area on the “ROVI Broken Case” shelf, or if this is for DMC place it on the “DMC Processing” shelf. 

ROVI Replacement: Extra Pieces Received

  1. Extra pieces that are left alone after the replacement orders has been filled in for the missing or damaged multi volume records will be kept in Kay Granskog's office.
  2. Separate piece from the ROVI piece and place it in a separate case.
  3. Open the matching item record in Sierra.
  4. In the item record insert reference to the extra piece in the "Original packaging ..." staff note.
    1. Example, "Original packaging + duplicate disc 2 stored in banker box: B2528."  (.b111095153). Specify which number if it's a multiple volume record.
  5. Make a copy of the bib and item record. 
    1. highlight the Original packaging note.
    2. Fold the printout and attach to the sleeve/case, and then deliver to Kay Granskog's office.

When Replaced Missing ROVI Materials Arrive Back in Our Hands

  1. Add the returned copy as a copy two to the ROVI drawer. (These are ROVI copies that are returned to us after a replacement copy has been added as copy one.)
  2. Add -001 and -002 to the end of each barcode to have a unique barcode number. The returned missing barcode should be the same as the replacement copy.

ROVI Disc Repair Workflows 

  1. Route all discs to DMC for repair - place cases in an envelope addressed to John Shaw at DMC noting ROVI repair.
  2. Check the item record for holds that need to be canceled. Ask ILL to cancel holds if there are any.
  3. Change the item status to an "r" "Ask at Circ."  This prevents patrons from placing a hold on the item.
  4. Insert a"t" repair note: "Disc is being repaired at DMC ..."  Add a description of the damaged. 
  5. When discs come back from repair:
    1. Route discs repaired to ILL for refiling and removing holds if there are any holds on the item.
      • Update the repair note: "Repair complete on xx date." There might be a DMC note on the condition of the disc.
      • Update the item status to "Available."