Michigan State University

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Old Location Codes - ARCHIVE

EEMA Art   EEM1 Government Documents
EEMB Business   EEM2 Continuing Education
EEMC Chemistry   EEM3 Bibliography
EEMD Undergrad Browsing   EEM4 1) German-Russian
2) University Archives
EEME Engineering   EEM5 1) Romance Languages
2) Biomed Phys/Sci Library
EEMF 1) Reference
2) Consulting Reference
  EEM6 Microcopy Collection
EEMG Geology   EEM7 Audio
EEMH Clinical Center   EEM8 Acquisitions
EEMI Animal Industry   EEM9 Agricultural Economy
EEMJ Special Colections   EEM$ Labor
EEMK 1) Catalog
2) Digital Resources Center
  EEM& International
EEML Gull Lake   EEM= Microfilm
EEMM Music   EEM# Microfiche
EEMN Urban Policy & Planning   EEM% Microprint
EEMO Mathematics   EEM* Microcard
EEMP Physics   EEM@ Planning & Design
EEMQ Conrad   EEM+ Wingspread
EEMR Research   QEMA French Monarch - Main
EEMS Science   QEMB French Monarch - Special Collections
EEMT Thesis   QEMC French Monarch - Art
EEMU Undergraduate   QEMD Science Reference
EEMV Vet Med   QEMF Careers
EEMW Vet Clinic   QEMG 1) SSHR
2) Reference
EEMX Voice   QEMH 1) Magazine Collection
2) Labor
EEMY Cyclotron   QEMI Sortware
EEMZ Maps   QEMJ Africana
      QEMK Herbivorous Plants
      QEML Turfgrass
      QEMM Document Delivery
      QEMN Chavez
      QEMO Web - free
      QEMP Web - payed for
      QEMQ International Center
      QEMR James Madison
      QEMS Oversized
      QEMX GPO tapeload
      QEMY GPO tapeload
      QEMZ GPO tapeload
      QEOA Dubai