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T-LOC S Procedure

Created in April 2017.

Contact: Emily Sanford

Temporary location serials (TLOC-S) is the backlog of serials or continuing resources that require original or extremely complex copy cataloging work that necessities the attention of an original serials cataloger. It is located in the far-northwest corner of Technical Services (TS) with the other TLOCs, between TLOC-A and TLOC-HS. Questions about TLOC-S may be addressed to the original serials cataloging staff member, the Serials Catalog Librarian, or the Head of Cataloging.


  • Items may enter TLOC-S in three ways:
    • After having been in TLOC-Holding Serial (TLOC-HS) with no viable copy for 2 years from date of receipt.
    • If the chronology of the item is older than 20 years from date of receipt and there is no viable copy available (ex. Received in 2017 with a chronology of 1997 or older = placed in TLOC-S). For items with a span of chronology over several issues, the title qualifies for TLOC-S when the bulk of issues are 20 years or older. Discretion may be used.
    • At the behest of an original serials cataloger. 
  • TLOC-S is managed by the original serials cataloging staff member, Loretta Fiacco, who processes items into and manages the tracking of items throughout the workflow.
  • All formats are eligible to be placed in TLOC-S
  • Special Collections serials are not part of TLOC-S and are housed on the Special Collections cataloging shelf.
  • Items to be processed or reprocessed into TLOC-S should be placed on the cart labeled ‘TLOC-S’ located with the other TLOC trucks in the TS hallway.
  • Items will be primarily searched and cataloged by original serial catalogers.
  • Each item receives:
    • A note in the ‘n’ field of the order record in Sierra that reads: TLOC-S [date of TLOC-S-ing]. Each time the item is re-TLOCed, another n field is added with a new date.
    • A streamer with the same information, along with an order record number(s). Each time an item is re-TLOCed, the new TLOC date is stamped on the streamer.
    • A designated spot on the shelves based on this information.
    • A pink tie to group the title’s issues together, when feasible.
    • Any paperwork accompanying the items including partial copy records, related items, gifts information, or requester notes.