G. Robert Vincent Voice Library
Lansing Auto Town Gallery

Gus Caliacatsos, a Greek immigrant, discusses his life in Greece, his days in Fisher Body plant, Lansing, MI, and his career after leaving the automobile industry

Gus Caliacatsos, owner of Gus's Bar on Michigan Avenue, discusses his life and career as a Greek immigrant, his life in Greece, the Greek army, coming to America in 1962, and hiring into Fisher Body in 1963. Gus describes his first day on job, learning English, receiving a suggestion award, and union threats. He left Fisher and went to work at Harry's Bar owned by another Greek immigrant. Gus quit after 8.5 years and pursued other business interests. He returned to Lansing and opened Gus's Bar in 1982. Gus describes relations with patrons who were primarily the UAW Fisher workers from across Michigan Ave.

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