Michigan State University

Readings on primary source literacy

Librarians and archivists at many institutions have worked with faculty to incorporate primary sources into undergraduate instruction, and have shared their experiences. Here are several examples:

Peter Carini (2009) Archivists as Educators: Integrating Primary Sources Into the Curriculum, Journal of Archival Organization, 7:1-2, 41-50.

Barbara Rockenbach (2011) Archives, Undergraduates, and Inquiry-Based Learning: Case Studies from Yale University Library, The American Archivist, 74:1, 297-311.

J. Gordon Daines III and Cory L. Nimer (2015) In Search of Primary Source Literacy: Opportunities and Challenges, RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage, 16:1, 19-34.