Michigan State University

Lynn Johndahl

Lynn Johndahl has participated in a number of international projects designed as local/regional government seminars and training programs. In 1995 he participated in a local leadership training program in Siberia administered by Michigan State University and in a Parliamentary Development Project in Ukraine administered jointly by Indiana University and the U.S.– Ukraine Foundation. In 1999 he participated in a local government seminar on economic development with Moscow city business people and city administrators, administered by Ferris State University. In 1999 and 2000 he was a member of the training team that conducted a Ukraine/Michigan Exchange Program on "Integrating Ethics into Democratic Governance," administered by Michigan State University and Project Harmony. In 2000 he was a symposium speaker at an International Seminar in Seoul, Korea on "The Role of Local Government in the New Millennium." His paper was "The Characteristics of Devolution: Impact on Local Government in the United States." In 2002 and 2003 he participated in an exchange program with local government officials from Malawi and Ghana, "Strengthening Local Governance: A Partnership among Ghana, Malawi and the U.S." His seminar presentation was on Public Finance.

Lynn Jondahl currently serves as Executive Director of the Michigan Prospect for Renewed Citizenship. In December of 1994 Lynn ended 22 years of service as a Michigan State Representative from the East Lansing, Meridian Township area. For 12 years he chaired the House Taxation Committee and played a key role in many taxation issues, especially those focused on education finance reform. As a legislator, he sponsored and led successful efforts to enact major environmental and consumer protection legislation, including Michigan's Mandatory Deposit Act ("Bottle Bill"), the Sand Dune Protection Act, the Generic Drug Act, the Handicapper Civil Rights Act. In 1994 he gave up his House seat to run for the Democratic nomination for Governor. From 1995 through July of 2002 Jondahl served as Co-Director of the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State University. From November of 2002 through January of 2003 he served as director of transition for the new administration of Governor Jennifer Granholm and Lt. Governor John Cherry. Lynn’s legislative experience followed work as a campus pastor (he was ordained a minister in the United Church of Christ upon graduation from Yale University Divinity School). Lynn is a member of the Michigan Budget and Tax Policy Project Advisory Board and he chairs the State of Michigan Board of Ethics.

Source: http://www.educ.msu.edu/epfp/meet/01-26-04bios.pdf