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Mathematics and Math Education

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Databases & Terms Searched: 

The MathSciNet database was consulted, but yielded few relevant results for teaching and pedagogy. In Web of Science, the query: "mathematics AND (pedagogy OR teaching OR instruction) AND (inclus* or divers*)"yielded several relevant results. The ERIC education database was particularly helpful. In ERIC, various combinations of the following subject terms: "mathematics education," "teaching methods," or "mathematics instruction" with "inclusion," "cultural pluralism," "cultural awareness," "culturally relevant education," "student diversity," "student empowerment," "social justice," "social bias," and "racial bias" will yield relevant results.


From the search results, it is apparent that mathematics education has seen an upsurge, especially in the past decade, in research and publication on inclusive teaching. Considerations for inclusion range from pedagogies in educational environments, both in the classroom and online, to identifying and examining implicit bias in the curriculum. Listed below are several monographs or chapters which have been dedicated to the topic, as well as a range of works which mostly appear in education and math education journals.

Relevant Journals: 

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning: Opens in a New Tab

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education: Opens in a New Tab

Mathematics Education Research Journal: Opens in a New Tab

Urban Education: Opens in a New Tab


Mathematics and Math Education

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