Michigan State University

Digital Information & Systems Division

Shawn Nicholson, Associate Director

  • Vacant – Digital Scholarship & Curation
  • Pete Cookingham – Turfgrass Information Center
  • Scout Calvert – Data Services
  • John Shaw – G. Robert Vincent Voice Library
  • Shawn Nicholson – Gerald M Kline Digital and Multimedia Center
  • Kim Pierce -- Systems
  • Kelly Sattler – Web Services Unit

About Us:

The Digital Information & Systems Division serves as the administrative home to six units: The Gerald M. Kline Digital and Multimedia Center, including the G. Robert Vincent Voice Library maintains a robust digitization and metadata creation program and provides in-house and online collections of multimedia and spoken word recordings; Web Services provides support in the design and function of the Library web presence; Data Services assists faculty, staff and students identify and access numeric data sets for secondary research analysis; Systems supports the infrastructure of the Library's operation through maintenance and supervision of all computers; Digital Scholarship & Curation supports the stewardship of the Library's digital assets through policy and tool development; and the Turfgrass Information Center maintains the most comprehensive publicly available collection of turfgrass educational materials in the world and makes it available through the Turfgrass Information File. A growing program area for the Division is collaboration with faculty through the creation and curation of digital content and services to enhance learning, teaching, and research.