Michigan State University

Center for Statistical Training and Consulting (CSTAT)


The MSU Center for Statistical Training and Consulting (CSTAT) is a professional service and research unit at Michigan State University. CSTAT aims to support research and provide training, grant development, and consulting in statistics for faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Service Areas

  • Research Data Planning & Design
  • Data Study & Analysis
  • Data Publishing & Reuse

Target Clientele

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Graduate Students
  • Other MSU-affiliated unit/department


Web Address



Center for Statistical Training and Consulting
178 Giltner Hall 293 Farm Lane
Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824
phone: (517) 353-9288
fax: (517) 353-9307


Description of Research Data Support Services

Research Data Planning & Design

  • Grant Writing: Consultations with researchers on statistical methods needed to conduct quantitative based research.
  • Research Design: Quantitative estimates of sample sizes for a variety of statistical designs commonly used by researchers. Assistance with sampling protocols needed to obtain quantitative estimates of treatment effects based on a wide variety of statistical models.
  • Available as co-Principal Investigators and/or providers of data analysis services under contract to MSU research faculty and staff.

Data Study & Analysis

  • Statistical analysis: Advice an all types of statistical analysis
  • Data manipulation: Some support regarding how to do data transformations and other operations necessary to prepare data for statistical analysis
  • Data mining: Some advice on model-based data mining
  • Data interpretation: Help in interpreting output of analyses statistical models, including advice on graphical representation of summary data and statistical analyses

Data Publishing & Reuse

  • Data mining: Some advice on model-based mining of large data sets