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Using the Selma D. and Stanley C. Hollander MakeCentral: Service Desk

The Hollander MakeCentral: Service Desk is located on the 2nd Floor of the West Wing and has its own hours of operation.

For questions or more information, contact the MakeCentral staff by phone at (517) 884-6386

  • Jill Thornton, Unit Head — Phone: (517) 884-0843 and E-mail: thornton@msu.edu
  • Kristina Jones, Hollander MakeCentral Staffing Coordinator — Phone: (517) 884-0845 | E-mail: jonesk89@msu.edu

Main Library Hollander Service Desk (MakeCentral): Services and Useful Information

All services except color copying, large format scanning, and poster lamination are self–serve. Staff will assist with set up and explain features of the equipment. The Hollander Service Desk has a limited amount of small office supplies, paper, and cardstock on sale. All supplies are subject to Michigan sales tax.


Passport Photo

Type Size Cost
Passport Photo USA Passport or Green Card Standard Photo $10.00 (plus tax) per print-2 photos/print


Type Size Cost
Laser printing: Black &White single or double sided Letter or Legal $0.05 per side
Laser printing: Black &White single or double sided 11x17 $0.10 per side
Laser printing: Color single or double sided Letter or Legal $0.40 per side
Laser printing: Color single or double sided 11x17 $0.80 per side
Microform Printing all sizes $0.10
Microcard printing all sizes $0.10 per page
Poster: Full toner coverage (color or black) 36 inch wide roll feed $6.00 per linear foot
Poster: Full toner Coverage (color or black) 36 inch wide roll feed $8.40 per linear foot for Premium Paper
Poster:  25% toner coverage (color or black) 36 inch wide roll feed $3.60 per linear foot
Poster:  Line drawing (color or black) 36 inch wide roll feed $1.80 per linear foot


Type Size Cost
Color or Black & White Scanning - Sheet-fed or Bookedge Ltr, Legal & 11x17 $0.05 per scan
Microform Scanning Ltr, Legal & 11x17 no charge if saved to personal USB or CD
Large Format Scanning roll feed 42 inch width max, any length $1.00 per scan


Type Size Cost
Black & White Copies Letter or Legal $0.09
Black & White Copies 11x17 $0.18
Black & White Transparencies letter $0.50
Color Copies Letter or Legal $0.30; University Accounts
Color Copies 11x17 $0.60
Color Transparencies letter $0.70


Type Size Cost
Pouch Wallet Size $0.10 per card
Pouch Letter $1.00 per sheet
Pouch 11x17 $1.50 per sheet
Poster Size Clear 38" wide roll feed of any length $6.00 per linear foot


Destination Size Cost
US/Canada Ltr, Legal & 11x17 $0.50 per page
International Ltr, Legal & 11x17 $1.00 per page

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Special Pricing

  • University Accounts - only pay $0.20 per color copy.

Payment Methods

Payment is made to the MakeCentral cashier at the time of service.

  • Cash Bills up to $50 accepted
  • Personal Check ID required
  • Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express
  • University Departmental Account Customer must fill out an account charge form which includes the departmental account number to be charged, department’s name, contact campus email address and phone number.

NOTE: The MakeCentral does not accept Spartan Cash and cannot charge to student accounts.

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Photocopying Black & White

Black and White Toshiba e-studio 356

  • Photocopying on White or Color paper, Cardstock, and Transparencies
  • Image Reduction/Enlargement
  • Sheet fed copying with collated and stapled output
  • Two sided copies from facing pages in a bound book in one scan
  • Image combination/Image separation

Other copiers located in the Main Library and Branches

There are a number of coin operated/card operated copiers in each Branch Library and the Main Library. In the Main Library, these machines are available all hours the Library is open, including hours that the MakeCentral is closed. Copies made with cash on coin operated machines are 10¢ each and machines accept coins, $1 and $5.

The location of Main Library coin operated or copy card machines:

  • First floor near Reference Desk/Main Lobby
  • 4th Floor West Wing in the Fine Arts Library
  • 3rd Floor West Wing in the Map Library

Photocopying – Color

Color Toshiba e-studio 3040c

Hollander Service Desk Staff will assist patrons who wish to make color copies. Staff will comply with Copyright Guidelines. We are not able to copy professional photos, passports, driver license or currency.

This copier has a double-sided copy option. Price is 30¢ per side.

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Laser printing

Black & White

It is possible to print to the MakeCentral laser printers from all MSU Login computers and from the Selected Resource computers.

Black and White Laser print options in the MakeCentral:

  • Letter or legal size, single and double sided 5 cents per side
  • Ledger (11x17) size, single and double sided 10 cents per side

Printing Help for Black & White prints

If you choose MakeCentral laser, nothing will be printed until you request printing in person at the MakeCentral which must be done within 2 hours or the print job will be deleted. There may be others ahead of you requesting printing, so please allow plenty of time before the two–hour deadline in case you have to wait.

Important Note: The default print option on all library computers is MSU Print. There are a number of printers located throughout the Main Library. If you do not have an MSU Print account and click on the printer icon on the top toolbar, the print will go to the printer and disappear. If you wish to print and you do not have an MSU Print account, you must click on "File", then "Print", and choose MakeCentral.

If you choose to print to the MakeCentral, you will need to identify your print job by your MSU NetID or the name and number posted on the system case of the computer from which you printed.

Exception for PDF files: To print a PDF document from a PDF reader, you must use the print icon within the PDF reader window (NOT drop–down "File" menu) and choose MakeCentral.

TIP: It is best to print no more than 10 print jobs before checking with MakeCentral Staff to be sure all prints are arriving successfully.


There is a color laser printer in the MakeCentral. Prints may be sent to this printer from any MSU Login computer in the Main Library. It is possible to print legal and ledger size prints on the MakeCentral color printer.

Color laser print options in the MakeCentral:

  • Letter size single sided 40 cents per side
  • Legal single sided 40 cents per side
  • 11x17 (Ledger) single sided 80 cents

The other color printing option includes the HP Plotter located in the MakeCentral. Plotter printing is available from all MSU Login computers in the Main Library. It is not available through wireless/ MSU Print.

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Microformat Scanning/Printing

Learn more about the Microforms Library.

Microfilm, Microfiche, and Microcard:

The Hollander Service Desk has Four ScanPro 2000 Microformat Reader/Printers. These machines allow for viewing and saving black and white images of Microfilm and Microfiche. One station also has the capability to scan Micro Opaque cards and save to searchable PDF. It possible to save scanned images to a USB (flash) Drive for no charge. For your convenience, USB drives are available for sale at the MakeCentral. See the MakeCentral supplies list for current availability and pricing.

It is also possible to send scans to print in the MakeCentral for 10¢.

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HP Designjet T2300 Plotter (Poster printer) – Located at Hollander MakeCentral: Service Desk

HP Designjet T2300 PlotterPLEASE NOTE: Due to the length of printing time, MakeCentral staff are unable to release posters and other plots from the print queue within 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Prints Poster Size – 36 inch roll

Premium paper is available for the plotter and is an additional charge (see pricing grid).

Plotting is a self-service and patrons must come to the MakeCentral to print their poster. Plots may be sent from any MSU Login computer in the library, but if you need printing assistance please use the computers on 2 West. MakeCentral staff will assist with sending plots, but are not trained to provide technical help for poster set up in various software packages, such as Powerpoint and Adobe Photoshop.

Please read the tip sheets for information about setting up prints for the plotter. These tip sheets include specific information on using Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Reader.

Plotting FAQ

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Simple Scan Station 3070

Simple scan Station 3070Color or black and white scanning.

High quality, fast, no log in required.

Designed to be easy to use with large friendly buttons, the Simple Scan Station's touch screen guides you through the scan process including choosing the file formats, scan quality, color, file name, and destination.

You can save your scanned item in the following formats:

  • Word Documents
  • PDF’s
  • Searchable PDF

Easily send scanned items to:

  • USB
  • Print
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Google Docs

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You can send faxes from the Main Library MakeCentral's Simple Scan Station. The fax is sent to the phone line through the internet.

  • Faxes within the U.S. and Canada cost $0.50 per page.
  • International faxes cost $1.00 per page.

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Large Format Scanning

The HP Designjet T1200 Scanner delivers outstanding copy and scan performance. Scan, then save (to USB drive) or print (to the attached HP Plotter) with high processing speed.

Powerful scan resolution creates high-quality images with realistic colors and precise lines. It has a resolution of 508 dpi optical and 2400 ppi enhanced from three cameras.

Produce large-format color and black-and-white scans from wide or thick, rigid originals. The scanner accepts originals up to 42 inch wide and 0.6 inch thick, so it can handle oversized and heavyweight originals, even those mounted on foam board. The roll feed scanner does not limit scan length.

Saving to a USB Drive is recommended. It is possible to save to CD also.

Scans are $1 each. If a scan is sent to the plotter, there is an additional charge for the plot, based on our normal plot pricing. (Pricing depends on amount of color in plot.)

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Comb Binding: Self Serve - Located at Hollander MakeCentral: Service Desk

Comb Binding Self Serve StationWe offer a variety of cover colors, including transparent, and binding combs in various sizes as well as colors. Supply costs vary, but most items are bound for less than $2, which includes cover set and comb. Staff will be happy to show you how to use the binding machine for punching your materials and adding cover and spine.

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 Lamination: Self-Serve - Located at Hollander MakeCentral: Service Desk

Lamination Self Serve StationWe offer self serve Pouch Lamination products. Protect and enhance your documents by laminating. Laminating pouches are available in a variety of sizes. MakeCentral stocks wallet, letter and ledger size lamination pouches. Lamination Clear pouches give a high-quality, glossy, and glass-like appearance to laminated items.

Please note: Lamination is not recommended as a long term preservation option for family heirlooms etc. and certain types of ID can become invalidated if laminated.

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Lamination - Large Format

 MakeCentral offers large format lamination for documents printed on the plotters. Protect and enhance your poster with lamination. We can laminate documents up to 36 inches in length on one side by any length on the other side. Poster lamination is a staff mediated service, with a 24 hour turnaround period. Patrons may pay for the lamination service after completion at the time of pick up. See pricing grid for cost information.

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